general student information

Hazid Resourcing strictly adheres to ATQF standards with all programs aligned to the qualifications contained in the Insert Training Package. Ensuring best practice in service and delivery at all times.

Hazid Resourcing is an accredited RTO in accordance with the Australian Quality Training Framework (AQTF).  The AQTF sets the benchmark for national training and assessment programs in Vocational Education and Training (VET) in Australia. The AQTF ensures that consistent, high quality training and assessment programs are delivered to clients in the VET sector.

Since its inception on 1st July 2010, the AQTF has delivered nationally endorsed Training packages of the highest quality to candidates in the VET sector. Employers recognise the high level of competency gained by candidates that have participated in AQTF programs.  The AQTF has the advantage of being able to deliver training packages in different locations without compromising any of the quality in its service delivery.

Hazid Resourcing is committed to best practice, and is continually seeking improvement in the development and delivery of AQTF programs. Hazid Resourcing program milestones and outcomes are compared against the National Quality Council (NQC) indicators to identify areas of competency and improvement.

course fees

Each qualification, unit of competency or accredited course offered by Hazid Resourcing has a specific course fee.

It is Hazid Resourcing's policy that the course fee will be all inclusive. Candidates will not be 'surprised' by unexpected requirements, fees or expenses. Included is all tuition, support & coaching, specified learners guides, and classrooms and facilities.

Where additional resources normally associated with a program of study are required, (reference material, research documents, own computer for example) the candidate will be clearly advised of exactly what is required in the candidate study guide for that program.

Recognition of Prior Learning procedure

Hazid Resourcing appreciates the value of workplace and industry experience and recognises that candidates will acquire vocational skills and knowledge from a variety of sources other than formal training. These skills are legitimate irrespective of how they were acquired, and the RPL process is designed to provide validation of such relevant skills.

Candidates who believe they have already obtained current skills and knowledge that would otherwise be covered in the qualification / unit of competence for which they intend to attain should apply for RPL at the time of enrolment. The candidate’s skills and knowledge will be assessed and validated, and where appropriate units of competency acknowledged and face-to-face training reduced.

Language, Literacy and Numeracy (LLN) Assistance

Hazid Resourcing course information and learning materials contain written documentation and limited numerical calculations.

Hazid Resourcing recognises that not all candidates will have the same level of ability in relation to reading, writing and performing calculations. When an issue is identified by Hazid Resourcing staff or requested by a candidate, a Language, Literacy and Numeracy test will be provided to assess the candidate’s ability. This process is to ensure that all candidates who commence a training program possess the skills required to understand the presented material and complete assessments.

Hazid Resourcing will endeavour to provide assistance to candidates having difficulty with language, literacy or numeracy to accommodate their needs. In the event that a candidate’s needs exceed the ability of Hazid Resourcing staff to assist, the candidate will be referred to an external support agency so they have the opportunity to obtain the skills required to complete the training program.

Candidate Support, Welfare and Guidance

Hazid Resourcing will assist all candidates in their efforts to complete training programs by all methods available and reasonable.

Trainers are responsible for ensuring that all candidates are aware they can contact their trainer or other Hazid Resourcing staff members in the event that they are experiencing difficulties with any aspect of their studies. Staff will ensure candidates have access to the full resources of Hazid Resourcing to assist them in achieving the required level of competency in all nationally recognised qualifications.

  Candidate Handbook

Flexible Delivery and Assessment Procedures

Hazid Resourcing recognises that some people are better suited to learning via teaching methods not usually obtained in the traditional classroom setting. With some minor adjustments to teaching and assessment methods, a candidate who is experiencing difficulty learning and achieving the desired results in the traditional setting may show considerable improvements.

The staff and management of Hazid Resourcing respect these differences among candidates and will endeavour to make any necessary adjustments to their methods in order to meet the needs of a variety of candidates. For example, the inability to complete a written assessment will not be interpreted as a sign of incompetence, provided the candidate can verbally demonstrate competency.